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Food of the Future

With growing confidence, UK  food producers are increasingly willing to invest in new, more efficient process equipment. This confidence is driven by a number of factors including: Consumer appetite for high quality, fresh and exciting foods Need for a shorter supply … Continue reading

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Return on Investment – The proof is in the pilot

Investment in new equipment brings an opportunity to rethink established ways of working. Involving Greaves consultants can bring tangible benefits. With our external perspective, we will often ask unexpected questions.  These help us to understand your wider business objectives. This approach can … Continue reading

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Invest Wisely!

Investment in new production equipment is almost always an expensive business. A poor investment decision can have irretrievable and costly consequences. It is critical that everything is weighed up with reference to the commercial objectives of the investment plan. At Greaves, … Continue reading

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Productivity = Sales = ROI

Continuing our theme of continuous process improvement, the Greaves team reviewed the productivity impact of customer investment across a range of sectors. With capacity increase of 70% to 1300% ROI is rarely an issue. Click the + to see the … Continue reading

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Powders into liquid – A new solution to an old mixing problem

The Problem The dispersion of fine powder in a liquid can be a challenging process throughout pharma, cosmetics/healthcare & food manufacturing. Example applications include: Foods – Garlic to cold water, pectin, starch, xanthan gum, cornflour, carbon black Pharma & Cosmetics … Continue reading

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Mixing Productivity – Is your Mixing fit for 2018?

Whenever we turn on the news and hear politicians and economists discussing the UK’s prospects, we know the discussion will inevitably turn to one topic. PRODUCTIVITY. Productivity growth is key to economic growth and at the heart of government forecasting. … Continue reading

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Systematic Growth

In most business sectors, not least in manufacturing, there are companies both large and small. Often they meet different market needs from bespoke & niche brands to mass-market volume products. Consequently, Greaves Mixers develop batch-mixing equipment to match the production requirements … Continue reading

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The Right Spirit

Greaves has a long history of working with and supplying beverage producers, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Until recently the stalwart alcoholic products have been Scotch Whiskies, Irish liqueurs and English ales and ciders, which have themselves shown some interesting developments. However, over … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs & Connoiseurs……

Have you heard the rumour that UK manufacturing is in decline? Don’t believe it! UK consumers have such an insatiable appetite new experiences, quality & variety. The growth of the internet and social media has amplified this trend. Smart entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Smart Batch Mixing – working efficiently with multiple-batches

As we looked at in this article Smart Batch Mixing is at the heart of a surprising amount of product manufacturing across the UK – and beyond. We can identify key criteria which can influence the efficiency of a mixing … Continue reading

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