Case Study – Reflect & Renew

shutterstock_212468104Its always good to hear from established clients who are looking to add capacity. We recently heard from one of our customers in the cosmetics industry with this type of request.

A simple  response might be to provide additional and/or larger versions of existing mixers. However, following a process review, it became clear neither of these options offered the most effective solution.

Under increasing pressure to reduce processing time & cost, our customer needed a more efficient mixing solution.

Greaves proposed a new high speed, high shear batch mixer which promised to reduce process time by around 80%.

With suchVHSD-15 ss.png-e a dramatic improvement on offer, mixing trials were arranged on site with one of Greaves large range of demonstration mixing machines.

With the original “paddle” type mixer, process time was 95 minutes.

The trial mixer produced improved product consistency in just 12 minutes. A reduction in process time of 83%!!!!