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Lean Forward -Mixing solutions that exceed expectations

We see our business as providing effective mixing solutions rather than simply supplying mixers and vessels. Clients frequently ask to meet with Greaves’ Process Consultants to tap into our extensive experience and knowledge to help them solve specific issues including: Increased capacity … Continue reading

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Mixing trends – Fast, Flexible, Repeatable

Mixing trends – Fast, Flexible, Repeatable   We work with an enormously diverse range of customers, from foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals, base chemicals to cosmetics. The market exposure gives us real insight into mixing trends and how the market is moving. If we … Continue reading

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Greaves launches new High Speed IBC Mixer range

With the increasing popularity of IBC mixers in all product areas, Greaves has recently updated and expanded the models and options in this range. As customers become more ambitious and make greater demands on their IBC mixing processing we have increased … Continue reading

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Challenging the Brands

Growth of the Super-Manufacturer Traditionally brands within industries such as food and pharmaceuticals have manufactured their own products. This gave companies the control they need to ensure brand standards and specifications are maintained. Alongside the brand manufacturers, contract manufacturers produce … Continue reading

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Your Summer Shutdown

Summer shutdown – a time of opportunity! Every manufacturer understands the value and importance of properly maintained plant and machinery but maintenance means downtime and downtime means lost production opportunity. Sometimes it can be easy to just keep the plant … Continue reading

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Giant High Shear Mixer still going strong after 40 years…

Giant Greaves Mixer just keeps mixing – for 40 years Back in the mid 1970’s when Rod was asking ‘Da ya think i’m sexy?’ and Aston Martin were going through their angular design phase, Imperial Chemical Industries was the world’s … Continue reading

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Top Tips for better mixing

Inefficient mixing processes can extend cycle times meaning increased costs and potential production delays. Joshua Greaves has been designing and building mixers for over 90 years and all that experience goes into the mixers we build today making Greaves mixers … Continue reading

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Shear Fact.

So, what’s important when comparing high shear mixers? : 1. The shear performance – “Rotor to stator gap” – this offers the ‘cutting’ or ‘particle shattering’ performance of the machine. As with any emulsifier, the closer the high speed rotating … Continue reading

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Safe and Reliable?

Safe, Reliable & Compliant? When was your machinery last safety tested? Who is responsible? What’s the real cost of incident or breakdown? Is the machinery ATEX & safety compliant? What happens in the event of failure? What could be done better? … Continue reading

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Shear Fiction?

Larger is Better – and justifies a higher price tag Could this be a Sales & Marketing Myth? Whether it’s an industrial mixer or a domestic vacuum cleaner you are looking to buy, specifying extra power and larger dimensions usually … Continue reading

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