Buoyant Business in Oil and Gas

This 6000L mixer was designed for high output volumes of product used in offshore buoyancy systems. The variety of inlets allow rapid liquid material charges, whilst solids are fed via a screw conveyor. The hot oil jacket allows a constant process temperature to be maintained. Once allows powders and solids are added, the full-vacuum condition is applied and mixer ran to assist the stabilisation of product by de-gassing.

Since delivery in April this year, this mixer is reported to reduce previous process times by more than 60%, particularly during mixing and de-aeration procedures.

Variable speed is featured in the control panel and motor therefore driven by an inverter offering very efficient power consumption and various flow at differing volumes. The mixer system is also mounted on loadcells (under the legs) and wired to two displays for weight and these are used during material addition, discharge and subsequent tare.