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Covid -19 Update – Greaves supports HMG Paints to expand sanitiser production

As the nation adapts to the impact of CV-19 we are all moving to a “new normal” in the way business operates and how we live our personal lives. This means many changes in the consumption of goods and services. A particularly important impact is the increased use of PPE and hygiene products. As a result, at Greaves, we have been working with several customers to support an increase in supply of the health and hygiene products the NHS, business and consumers need to stay safe.

Paint to Hand-sanitiser

HMG Paints in Manchester is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of innovative paints, coatings and adhesives. HMG supply products for a wide range of speciality applications. Over a number of years, Greaves has helped HMG  develop a versatile mixing and manufacturing capability. A key feature is the ability to quickly switch between a diverse range of technical products. Early in the current crisis, HMG saw an opportunity to support the national need by repurposing part of this capacity to the production of hand sanitiser gel. They turned to the Greaves technical team for help in making this switch. The results can be seen in the following video clip.

HMG Sanitiser capability in action….

Consequently, HMG can offer manufacturing capacity to any brand seeking to produce its own liquid and gel product  – contact

As more people return from lockdown, the product is now being utilised by construction and manufacturing sites, retailers and utility companies.

Furthermore, the sanitiser is now available in 250ml Flip Tops and 5 Litre pack sizes, and can be purchased from,

 If you are looking for technical mixing advice for your production project, please contact us here at Greaves.