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Fast, Fresh, Flexible…

The world of food production is ever changing. A significant trend over recent years has been the massive growth in prepared and pre-processed food and ingredients. People simply don’t cook for themselves as much as in the past!

This shift in customer needs has been matched by a demand for ever-more flexible and efficient process equipment from manufacturers in the food & beverage sector. The Greaves’ team has stepped up to the mark to design, manufacture and install/commission class-leading mixers and vessels to keep their customers at the forefront of food manufacturing for the modern world.

Here are just 3 recent examples….

Pies and Desserts

Greaves designed and manufactured this system for one of the UK’s largest producers of fruit pies and desserts

Factors important to the customer were:

  • Shorter mixing time
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Rapid clean down
  • Product Flexibility (high/low viscosity), smooth/textured sauces
  • A design that could overcome a historical issue of product burning at the vessel walls


Stocks and Sauces

Produced for one of the UK’s largest food ingredient manufacturers, this large capacity, fast cycle mixing kettle is dedicated to the production of stocks and sauces.

Factors important to the customer were:

  • Short cycle time
  • Rapid clean down
  • Product Flexibility (high/low viscosity)
  • A design that could overcome historical steam jacket failures caused by fatigue
  • Comprehensive Certification



Chilled Ready Meals

Bespoke-designed for a well well-known manufacturer of chilled ready meals. This a versatile system excels in producing a variety of different recipes with two key stages:

  1. Sauce base dispersion
  2. Careful incorporation frozen vegetables

Factors important to the customer are:

  • High daily output
  • Product consistency
  • Retain vegetable integrity
  • Low operator input
  • Easy product discharge
  • Semi-automated control
  • Self-cleaning system

Again, we are proud to have delivered a solution that meets (and exceeds) our customer’s expectations.