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Productivity = Sales = ROI

Continuing our theme of continuous process improvement, the Greaves team reviewed the productivity impact of customer investment across a range of sectors.

With capacity increase of 70% to 1300% ROI is rarely an issue.

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PROJECT 1 – Cosmetics

Product: Aromatic Solutions
Process: Dissolution
Volume: 100L

Cycle Time Reduction: 79.5%
Daily Capacity Increase: 387%
New Daily Capacity: 6000L

PROJECT 2 – Construction

Product: Pulp slurry
Process: Fine powder hydration
Volume: 4000L

Cycle Time Reduction: 87.5%
Daily Capacity Increase: 700%
New Daily Capacity: 32000L

PROJECT 3 – Consumer

Product: Childrens Paint
Process: Pigment dispersion
Volume: 900L

Cycle Time Reduction: 91.7%
Daily Capacity Increase: 1300%
New Daily Capacity: 14400

PROJECT 4 – Pharma

Product: Ointment
Process: Fine powder dispersion
Volume: 200L

Cycle Time Reduction: 50%
Daily Capacity Increase: 100%
New Daily Capacity: 3200L

PROJECT 5 – Chemicals

Product: Grease
Process: Cold wax blending
Volume: 5000L

Cycle Time Reduction: 41.7%
Daily Capacity Increase: 71%
New Daily Capacity: 4285L

PROJECT 6 – Food

Product: Xanthan Gum
Process: Fine powder hydration
Volume: 50L

Cycle Time Reduction: 83.3%
Daily Capacity Increase: 500%
New Daily Capacity: 1600L

Whilst the combination of different mixing technologies have been used in these projects, the improvements have been achieved by employing the most appropriate technical solution for each individual case.