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Mixing Productivity – Is your Mixing fit for 2018?

Whenever we turn on the news and hear politicians and economists discussing the UK’s prospects, we know the discussion will inevitably turn to one topic. PRODUCTIVITY.

Productivity growth is key to economic growth and at the heart of government forecasting. This graph shows how even if the short-term reality shows a backwards step, the longer term trend is always a forecast of growth

Productivity growth forecast to rise despite short-term fall

Although there were clear downgrades of forecast between March and November 2017, future expectations show a steady rise.

So what’s this got to do with mixing?

Simple really, while the government focuses on the macro, this is simply a big-picture view of what is going on at a smaller scale. Whatever the industry, there are key requirements that impact on productivity. Mixing processes are no different. There are key areas where improvement can have a significant and positive impact on mixing productivity.

  • Minimum process time
  • Minimum changeover time
  • Complete confidence in product quality

Several underlying factors drive these requirements. Improvements in any single one is beneficial while wider improvement can prove really significant.:-

  • Rapid addition of materials
  • Efficient circulation in the mixing vessel
  • Rapid and effective mixing tool
  • Consistency through automation
  • Rapid discharge
  • Quick and easy cleaning, with minimum operator input
  • Reduced wastage
  • Consistent results, regardless of batch size

A consistent approach

Greaves has expertise across all of these areas and our focus is on across-the-board analysis of the opportunities. As a result, by getting all these factors right, we have regularly delivered the potential for productivity improvements of between 100 and 400%

Whatever our customer’s process, Greaves engineers always conduct a thorough process review, seeking opportunities to increase throughput and reduce wastage, opportunities that combine to deliver increased productivity.

Opportunities bring with them a clear return on investment through reduced unit cost. Equally important is the opportunity to increase capacity and grow sales.

For your business, what would be the bottom line impact of just 20% increase in sales opportunity with no increase in running costs?

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