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Smart Batch Mixing – working efficiently with multiple-batches

As we looked at in this article Smart Batch Mixing is at the heart of a surprising amount of product manufacturing across the UK – and beyond.

We can identify key criteria which can influence the efficiency of a mixing process, where each element is important, in its own right.

However, it is addressing these criteria in combination and developing a joined-up solution that presents the real challenge.

Greaves has developed a systematic framework for meeting this challenge. Our proven approach is effective across all mixing processes and industries and is based on multiple factors:-

  • Identifying optimum batch capacity(s) and machine size(s)
  • Flexible fill capacity in each machine
  • Minimise mixing time
  • Minimise operator input (reduce errors)
  • Design for rapid fill & discharge
  • Design for rapid cleaning
  • Smart use of mobile batch vessels
  • Vessels engineered to match both products and production  process

We recognise that it is one thing to come up with a mixer design solution but quite another to see that solution perform in the real-world. This is where the Greaves approach proves so valuable to our customers.

Greaves make it happen!

Our process is logical. Start small and flexible – but scaleable. We offer a range of services to help customers ensure they get what they need without taking unnecessary investment risks:

  • Laboratory trials
  • Off-site bulk trials
  • On-site bulk trials using rental machines

Greaves do so much more than design and build mixers. We deliver Smart Batch Mixing efficiency to your manufacturing.

Get in touch to see how we can help you benefit from Smart Batch Mixing

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Smart Batch Mixing – at the heart of manufacturing

There is no doubt that the United Kingdom is home to some of the best entrepreneurial manufacturers in the world. While it can be difficult to compete with high volume, low wage economies,  the strength of the UK manufacturing sector is the ability to innovate and embrace new ideas.

Greaves Mixers are privileged to work with many of these brilliant product innovators across many sectors and products, including:

  • Aerospace composites: New resin systems
  • Niche Lubricants: High-performance, low-resistance
  • Speciality adhesives
  • Speciality coatings
  • New materials – graphene
  • Specialty cosmetics
  • Pharma and  healthcare
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Speciality construction products
  • Defence systems
  • Consumer products – new fragrances & flavours
  • Vaping liquids

Although these examples may appear diverse, they actually have surprisingly common profiles:

  • High value per litre of product
  • Small batch sizes
  • Large number of recipe variants
  • Need for batch traceability
  • Need for rapid, efficient mixer changeover between product batches
  • Need for product quality and consistency
  • High productivity through short cycle times
  • Rapid cleaning with low residual product wastage
  • Scalability and flexibility to meet rising or fluctuating demand

In summary, they need Smart Batch Mixing to operate efficiently.

With our wealth of mixing expertise coupled with real-world mixer design and manufacturing experience, Greaves is ideally placed to deliver Smart Batch Mixing to meet these needs.

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Smart Batch Mixing – Examples & variants

Here are just a few examples of Smart Batch Mixing solutions developed and delivered by Greaves Mixers:

Cosmetic Lotions & Creams

Typical installation:

  • 2-3 mixing stations for pre-mix e.g. Carbopol
  • Final product with 4 mobile vessels per mixer

Pre-mix offers product flexibility while mobile vessels offer volume flexibility

Carbopol dispersion, 35,000cps
1000L high-shear mixer – cosmetics sector

Food Processing

Typical installation for sauces, marinades etc.

  • Pre-mixes – Dedicated mixer with 3-4 vessels per mixer
  • Final products – Dedicated mixer with 3-4 vessels per mixer

Pre-mix offers product flexibility while mobile vessels offer volume flexibility

Mobile Mixer – Food Processing
Food Product Vessel


Typically many recipes, smaller volumes, rapid change

Typical Installation:

  • 8 vessels per mixing station
  • Industrial dishwasher

Multiple vessels allow high product and volume flexibility while dishwasher delivers rapid clean down

Mixer for Fragrances
Mixer with mobile vessel

Vaping liquids (E-Cigarette)

A relatively new sector – actually similar to fragrances.

Typical Installation:

  • 5 to 8 multi-size vessels for popular flavours
  • Volume flexibility for specialist/seasonal flavours

Low-medium volume flexibility with rapid product switch are key in the e-cigarette/vaping sector

25L E-cig liquid batch mixer
Vaping liquid batch mixer. Mobile & flexible

 High spec marine adhesives

Typical Installation

  • Mobile vessels with heating jacket
  • Vacuum facility for de-gassing

Ability to deliver specialist materials at key location around a large shipyard

High Viscosity Adhesive, requiring full vacuum de-gassing mixer
Dual action disperser with full vacuum

High performance coatings

  • Up to 8 vessels – range of sizes
  • Mobile vessels with cooling jackets
  • Full ATEX spec for solvent-based chemistry

High-spec flexibility with rapid process time

Children’s fun paint, 1000L HSD at 12,000cps
Mobile Vessel with cooling
High-Shear coatings mixer


  • Smaller batch sizes
  • Detailed URS
  • cGMP & EHEDG specification
  • Sanitary design

High-spec equipment for demanding applications

Pharmaceutical batch mixer
Specialist pharma mixer