2017 – Onward & Upward……

3000L multi-function high-shear mixer. A high viscosity homogeniser designed with comprehensive environmental (pressure and temperature) controls. Our most sophisticated mixer to date.

2017 has seen another positive year of growth at Joshua Greaves & Sons Ltd with numerous highlights.  Most noteworthy are not only the overall growth in the business but also the technical development of our mixers.

We have delivered a record number of mixers during the year. With more mixers being supplied to the cosmetics and food sectors, we are seeing a steady growth in the sophistication of equipment both in terms of mixing capability and environmental consideration – check out our newest and most sophisticated mixer ever pictured right.

We have also achieved 50% growth in sales of vessels during the year.

Managing this growth demands continuing focus on developing the business.  Especially relevant is our sustained commitment to investment.

The importance of investment

Some highlights of our technical investment during 2017:

  • Investment in design
    • Introduce new CAD modelling
    • Increased design engineering capacity
  • Investment in manufacturing
    • 10% productivity uplift
    • 20% capacity uplift
  • Investment in innovation
    • New “MACS 3000” system  (Mixing Aseptically with Conditioned Shear)
    • High-level Pharma & Food compliance – URS/FAT etc.

Alongside our technical investment, we have expanded our team and our network

  • Expansion of the procurement team
  • New process & solutions partner – CPI (Ireland) Ltd.

All in all, 2017 has been another encouraging year and we are confident of further growth and look forward to more innovation in 2018