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Scaling-Up – Food for thought?

High Volume Food Processor – The Greaves 3000 Litre Food Mixer Kettle

Salad Dressing
Consistency is king!

Meeting Customers’ Specifications:

We are regularly contacted by companies who all have a similar issue:

“…We can achieve the desired mixing specification on test and pilot volumes but
struggle to maintain validated standards when we scale up to production volumes…”

This was exactly the scenario we were presented with recently by a customer who wished to upscale from test volumes using a Greaves 100L dual action trial mixer to full scale production based around a 3000L food kettle

3000L Kettle matches performance and specification of 100L pilot plant
3000L Greaves Kettle matches performance and specification of 100L pilot plant

Meeting the customer’s requirements (and wish lists) requires a well thought out and detailed approach. We had to consider measurements and comparisons of data, machine flexibility and best practice.

Scaled from the Greaves 100L dual action trial mixer, this 3000L food kettle combines volume flexibility, rapid, yet efficient, heat-up and also efficient clean down in a stand-alone, dual action unit.

Mixer interior showing combined High-Shear Homogeniser and mass-flow turbine

Once in the mixing phase, the two mixer tools complement one another. The turbine offers downward thrust of ingredients whilst maintaining complete mixing of the vessel contents (mass flow). This action assists the high shear homogeniser by pulling the ingredients into to the path of the high shear head. Once the homogeniser has run for the specified time and the droplet / particle size achieved, the independently driven turbine continues to maintain a consistent, ‘in-spec‘ mixture until discharge is required.

In addition, the turbine assists in heat-up (and cool-down) at the vessel walls to ensure the steam jacket does not burn or overheat the quality food sauces being mixed.

“Solid-Clad” insulation ensures heat retention with a robust outer stainless steel wall for hygiene and efficient clean-down. Motors and gearboxes are shrouded to prevent contamination ingress and potential paint-flake losses.

Greaves offer a wealth of real-world mixer expertise coupled with the attention to detail. We deliver the best and most appropriate solution for your mixing requirments.

Please get in touch and we will help you get the best from your mixing, now and into the future