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Top Tips for better mixing

Inefficient mixing processes can extend cycle times meaning increased costs and potential production delays.

Joshua Greaves has been designing and building mixers for over 90 years and all that experience goes into the mixers we build today making Greaves mixers some of the best in the business


Every mixing situation is different but there are some key factors that Greaves’ Design Engineers always consider when we work with customers to improve mixing processes.

Here are our Top 5 factors:-

  1. Mixing head type and speedusing the right head for the product, engineered to close tolerance, mixing times can be reduced, often with less power consumption. A genuine case of more for less!
  2. Product circulationoverall design of vessel, mixer and agitation ensures consistent, rapid mixing and shorter process time
  3. Heating & Coolingfor many processes, time taken in getting product to optimum temperature is an important factor in overall process time and in ensuring product quality. Vessel design and agitation are key factors.
  4. Combined processesare there opportunities to ‘work smarter’ by combining process stages and eliminating time-consuming additional stages?
  5. Charging, discharging, de-gassingsmart use of vacuum and pressure can reduce cycle time by combining time-critical process phases for a wide range of products.


We have examples of Greaves design reducing mixing time from hours to minutes including a case where
 a 2 hour process was reduced to SIX MINUTES

 As well as designing for the mixing process, Greaves Designers also consider other factors that can have significant benefits in the real world:

Clean In Place (CIP) Spray ball in action
  • Cleaning – often costly and critical in terms of safety, manpower and product quality. Smart use of Clean In Place (CIP) solutions can save time and money.
  • Flexibility – is there sufficient flexibility to adapt to new product developments and varying batch sizes?
  • Safety – does existing equipment meet current HSE and ATEX safety requirements – protecting your processes for the future?

If you think you could get more out of your processes, get in touch and we will be pleased to arrange a process review with a Greaves engineer.