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Standardising Processes across the Globe

A total  of 19 new dual-action mixers including 11 high power dual action dispersers are being maunfactured and exported by Greaves for one of the leading names in cosmetic and industrial adhesives. Capabable of heating their contents by steam or oil, the half-pipe limpet coil jackets on each of these vessels involves testing to 23 Barg or 333 p.s.i and 250 degrees C.

Whilst under this pressure on the  outside of the vessel walls, the product is de-gassed by full vacuum conditions with the anchor and disperser in full operation. The anchor helical scraper provides heat transfer from the vessel walls and axial flow towards the 185kW (250hp) high speed disperser capable of 960 rpm shaft speed offering the twin 600mm impellers a tip speed of 30 m/s. The 9.5 tonne vessels are constructed in stainless steel with over 4km of coded welding.

Once delivered and installed they will be  supported with four brackets to be mounted on loadcells for accurate, automated process control and material addition. These high technology vessels will ensure tonnes of adhesive is produced each day with consistent results.