Welcome to Greaves Mixers – Mixer and Vessel Manufacturers

Who Are We?

Since 1922 Greaves Industrial Mixer manufacturers boast many prestigious clients, leading fields of process engineering, including food, pharmaceuticals, breweries, soft drinks, paints, inks, resins, water and effluent treatments.Manufacturers of rotor/stator mixers, dispersers, propellers and turbines. In-line, side and bottom entry mixers can provide a combined alternative to traditional mixing perceptions.

Our Mixers

Bespoke Greaves dual and triple actions mixers offer a vast solution in many industries, combining a variety anchor paddles with alternative scrapers, high shear and blending in a diverse range of applications. Mixing reactors operating as pressure vessels and processing under vacuum with thermal limpet coils process high viscosity and high temperature medias.

Our Experience

Greaves has had years of experience in industrial mixing solutions, which has made them an industry leader for mixing solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and consumer sectors.